Bayfield Community Group (BCG)

What is the BCG?
The BCG is the Bayfield Community Group. It is Bayfield’s equivalent of a Parent Teacher Association and forms a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees. The BCG is made up of nominated Class Representatives from each class and chaired by the Board member responsible for community liaison. 

The BCG plays an important role in ensuring sound communication and understanding between the Board, School and Parents/Caregivers.  

What is the role of the class representatives?
  • Be the conduit between Board, School and Parents/Caregivers;
  • Meet with the board chair, the Community Liaison board member and the Principal once a term (or more often as needed) to discuss school and class issues;
  • Meet monthly to discuss school matters and organise class get togethers; 
  • Communicate with the class they represent on issues relating to the school and/or class as needed; and 
  • Help to coordinate a limited number of pre-determined school events:
  • School Disco
  • Grandparents Morning Tea
  • End of year school picnic
  • Christmas Calendars and Cards
  • Organise helpers for the kitchen at Graduation, and staff end of year morning tea
As part of the above meeting schedule, the classroom representatives will meet with the Board Chair, Community Liaison board member and Principal not less than once a term to discuss issues affecting the school and how those issues might impact on particular year groups or classes and to provide feedback on matters concerning a year group or class.

BCG Parent Representatives
  • Team 1: Amy Wildman & Jeff McLay
  • Team 2: Sarah Ram & Danielle Harper
  • Team 3: Kieran Nally & Daniel McCarthy
  • Team 4: Nicky Tong
  • Team 5: Majella McIntosh
  • Team 6: Sarah Cooper & Pip Greenwood