Online Payments

Parents can claim a tax refund for 1/3rd of school donations by filing an IR526.

Make a payment
Bayfield School is pleased to introduce Wrap it Up, a partner website for making all school payments. We'd like you to manage and pay for all your children's donations and school costs online. Wrap it up allows you to pay for multiple school products and services, for all your children and their activities. It also makes it much easier on the school office if you pay through Wrap it Up. You won't have to queue at the office, scramble for cash at the last minute or worry about your children taking money to school. Manage donations, school costs and much more in one easy place.

Need to register? 
you will only need to do this once
  1. Click on the Wrap It Up link 
  2. Use the Register tab to enter your details
  3. Once you have received a confirmation email from Wrap It Up logout
  4. Log on again then you are ready to shop!
Please note:  the email address you use to register on Wrap it Up needs to be the same as the one Bayfield has on your child/ren's file.  This is very important as this is how the system recognises your child/ren and links up the correct items for you to purchase/pay for.