Please notify the school of any absences due to sickness or appointments etc by 9am each day using the online absentee form on the right.

If you are taking holidays in term time please email the Principal sherylf@bayfield.school.nz

Holidays in Term Time

We have been noticing over the past few years that children who are taken out of school during term time for holidays, especially at the end and beginning of terms, often do not stay on track with their attainment against National Standards. 

Whilst of course, there is a benefit in children learning from other cultures and seeing the world through the real life experiences they gain from travelling, the learning they miss out on in the classroom can be substantial and does have an impact (a bit like the summer holiday time slump in reading).  We also notice that it can take a couple of weeks for children to really settle back into school once they have been away both socially and with their learning.

Each year is different for children’s learning and missing sections of the teaching that occurs in the classroom can have a great impact overtime.

Parents need to consider this when planning trips outside of the 12 weeks allocated holiday time. 

The MOE are greatly concerned by term time student absences and are now collecting data from schools who are now required to mark students having holidays in term time as a “Notified but Unjustified” absence.