School Board


Kerri McKay

Parent representative


Shannon Joe

Board Chair (Presiding Member)

Andrew Beuth

Staff representative

Jane Sharpe

Parent representative

Health and Safety

Stephen Mitchell

Parent representative


Riki Mitchell

Parent representative

Human Resources

Nicola Law

Parent representative


Amy Vojc

Board Secretary

Liz De Leun

Role of the Board at Bayfield

The Board has overall responsibility for the governance of the school, including certain legal obligations covering property, personnel, the proper management of school finances, and its reporting function (both to the Ministry and to the school community).

But perhaps most importantly, the Board is accountable for student achievement. This means a laser focus of the Board is to provide an environment which will facilitate the greatest possible academic achievement for each and every student. This includes retaining and recruiting high quality teachers, and working with our management team to create the best possible educational environment for our children.

Bayfield is very lucky in that:

We have a relatively affluent, and very supportive, parent community; and

The school was only recently rebuilt, and requires relatively little maintenance at this time.

The combination of these factors means the Board has the financial resources to invest heavily in the education of our children (rather than spending these sums maintaining old buildings). This means Bayfield can provide additional learning assistants in our classrooms, a part time librarian, a part time music teacher, and generous in-class teaching resources.

Bayfield Board composition

The Board is comprised by at least five parent-elected members, a staff representative, and our principal. Members may also be co-opted from time to time as required.

Board meetings are typically held twice a term on Tuesday evenings, at least eight times a year. The dates of these meetings are noted on the school calendar.