The Bayfield Library aims to provide students with access to a variety of books, resources and tools catering to their diverse needs, interests and abilities.

Libraries contribute to print and digital literacy, promote critical thinking, foster emotional intelligence and nurture reading for pleasure. 



Our library is situated in the main building below the staffroom, next to the Year 1 Titoki space.

Opening hours

The library is staffed: 

Mon-Wed 1pm - 3pm 

Thurs 10am - 3pm

Fri 9am - 1.30pm

Students have weekly class visits where they often share a story, learn library skills and browse/borrow books.

Loan amounts

Juniors (Yr 0-2) 2 books

Middle (Yr 3-4) 3 books

Senior (Yr 5-6) 4 books

We are fortunate to have a beautiful, well-stocked library at our school, as well as a part-time librarian. Our library is a modern, comfortable environment that students love to visit to read, learn, create, play games, meet friends and relax.  We have a selection of over 8000 books including fiction, non-fiction, picture books, graphic novels and dyslexia friendly books.  

The library app is maintained for students to explore the collection and access reliable online digital content curated for inquiry learning.

Scholastic Lucky Book Club brochures come out twice a term. Purchases collect points for the library, which are used to acquire new books to boost our collection.  You can pay online or with cash at the office.

Instructions for online ordering

Go to  

Select Parents-Lucky Book Club-Order Now-Register Enter your details

Search using School Name Bayfield and select Bayfield School [Auckland 2].  

Note: Unfortunately the search by suburb does NOT bring up our school

Choose Year Level and Select Class from the following:  

Team 0 Titoki Iti / Team 1 Titoki / Team 2 Kowhai / Team 3 Pohutukawa / Team 4 Totara / Team 5 Rimu / Team 6 Puriri. 


The library supports our annual Book Week celebration with author visits, competitions, book character parade, and Grandparents day.  This is also our main library fundraiser.

Student librarians

The library provides leadership opportunities for Year 6 students through the student librarian programme. Students are trained to manage the library during lunchtimes and assist with various library tasks. They are role models, creating a welcoming environment and promoting reading to their peers.


Isa Rive