Bayfield School offers an excellent standard of education mixed with a welcoming and community driven environment. Despite the fact that we are located in the heart of New Zealand’s largest city, we are a small school “where everybody knows your name”

Our children are very proud of what they achieve here at our school and when they move to their new schools, they often reference their pride at having attended Bayfield, our school values and the lifelong friendships they forge. Our values (Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Diversity) are an essential element to our school and it is important for children to gain an understanding of these values so that along with their academic success, they can also build on who they are as people.

Our vision : Inspired today and prepared for tomorrow

This means we provide opportunities for all learners to be innovators, problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, creators and inventors.

We know it is important to build an incredible base of knowledge and continue to have robust, direct and comprehensive teaching and learning processes, to ensure that all learners progress and have academic success while at Bayfield School.

Our curriculum caters for a diverse range of needs, skills and passions and allows learners to be prepared for a future that will require collaborative and creative individuals.

Inspired today, Prepared for tomorrow

We establish environments that foster learning conversations, encouraging children to self evaluate, set goals and know the next step in their learning. Learning how to learn underpins our pedagogy.