Rimu Year 5

Learning Leader

Natalie Hayes



Julie Kertesz


Learning Assistant

Mez Muir


Learning Assistant

Isa Rive

Learning Assistant

Tracey Quinn

Learning Assistant

Rowan Cranage


In year 5 students make the momentous transition into the Bayfield senior school. Our goal is to make this exciting step up an engaging and rewarding experience. This increase in individual accountability requires all team members to take an active part in their learning pathway and we welcome your support to enable this.

 He Waka Eke Noa  

We're all in this together

Term Overview and Newsletters

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 2023 Overview and Team Posts

Rimu Term 2 Overview 2023
Term 2 Rimu 2023 Newsletter.pdf

Trips and Events

We are planning several trips and events throughout the year to promote the learning themes of the team. Photos and artefacts will be recorded in the photo diary as the year progresses. 

Tuning in to Aotearoa New Zealand History 2023

We begin the year with an integrated inquiry about Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This will be the first unit of study from the new Aotearoa New Zealand Histories Curriculum.

Rimu Photo Diary 2023

Click on the photo diary above to ask your teacher for access to this collection of photo's of the Rimu team year

EOTC Highlights

One of the highlights of term 1 is EOTC (Education outside the classroom) week. Activities include Sailing, Orienteering, and a beach cleanup throughout the week culminating in an awesome night at Shakespear lodge in Whangaparoa for Year 5 Camp. 

Student Showcase

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PPDAC Statistical Inquiries 

Problem Plan Data Analyse Conclude

PPDAC Vida C and Evie
PPDAC Darina

Click on the images to view a collection of work from the 2022 Rimu Team

Maori Settlement Inquiry Plays and Stop Motion Movies

Caroline and Josh.MOV

Caroline and Josh

Kupe's Journey Noah, Abbie and Tilly (1).mp4

Noah, Abbie and Tilly

The Last Fight for Moa's Rights Abigail, James, Milo, Sally and Mimi.mp4

Abigail, Milo, James, Sally  and Mimi 

Emily and Emily.MOV

Emily and Emily

Henry and Lucia.MOV

Henry and Lucia

John Zara k

John and Zara K

Koa_the_kiore joe and jackson.mov

Jackson and Joe

Tikapa Moana Inquiries 

Supporting your child's learning

How can you help at home

Click on the image to find examples of learning and ideas for helping your child reach the expected levels by the end of year 5 in reading, writing and maths.