Titoki iti / TITOKI Year 0/1

Learning Leader

Jenn Moffat



Tessa Deutschle



Meredith Thornely



Ursula Hall


Learning Assistant

Bridget Bracewell

Learning Assistant

Meg A'ho

Poipoia te kākano kia puawai

Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Mā te kite ka mōhio

Discover and know

Titoki and Titoki iti

Our team is named Titoki after the New Zealand Oak tree and we like the phrase “from tiny seeds mighty oaks grow” . In Titoki, our goal is to help the students transition from early learning environments to our school in a happy and seamless way and to nurture and grow a love for learning. Our Play-based Learning philosophy helps to foster curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovative problem solvers in our tamariki, while also helping develop necessary social, emotional and oral language skills. We encourage akonga to explore and engage so that they can flourish, we recognise individual needs and create an environment that allows students to truly be themselves and shine.

overview and newsletters

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2022 Overview & Team Newsletters

Titoki Term 4 Overview 2022
Term 4 Titoki Newsletter.pdf

Trips and Events

What a fantastic time we had checking out the marine life at Kelly Tarlton's on March the 16th. Thanks very much to our wonderful parent helpers, we are so grateful to for your help.

Student Showcase

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Supporting your child's learning

How can you help at home

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