BYOD Information

From year 3, we encourage students to

bring your own device (BYOD).

This year we started moving towards using G Suite for Education for students and teachers, which means web-based machines, are an ideal BYOD device. Web based machines/Chromebooks are also a cheaper option than traditional Windows laptops.

Below are some links to two examples of Chromebooks available from PBTech. Bayfield has previously purchased the HP Chromebook. *Please be aware that the models in this link are refurbished Chromebooks

1) Lenovo 100e Gen2 Chrome Book 11.6"

2) HP Chrome Book 11 G4 Education Chrome Book

If you would like to view a range of devices or would prefer to purchase a Windows device see the link below. It shows a range of Windows devices, Netbooks/Chromebooks and iPads, all of which can be used to access G Suite for Education.

Primary Education Devices

If you wish to purchase an iPad, we recommend that it has a keyboard and a rugged case.

Please remember it is not compulsory for children to have their own device, but as our numbers grow in Year 5 & 6 the number of school devices available for students to use has reduced. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To support a safe school digital environment, students and caregivers are required to complete the

Bayfield School Cybersafety Agreement form